Campaign against sexual harassment

Norwegian social partners launch a campaign against sexual harassment

According to statistics two out of five our members in the hotel and restaurant industry have experienced sexual harassment at work. It's not ok, and something has to be done, says Jørn Eggum, leader of Fellesforbundet

On Tuesday 15 August, the Fellesforbundet, together with the Equality and Discrimination Ombudsman (LDO), Labor Inspectorate and other social partners in the hotel and restaurant industry, launched a joint campaign to address sexual harassment in the workplace. Fellesforbundets National Secretary with political responsibility for the hotel and restaurant sector, Clas Delp, explained that sexual harassment is an existing problem in the workplace, which is important to address.

Handbook and a training material have been prepared that both workers and employers can make use of, whether they work in the hotel and restaurant industry or other industries. "We are pleased to put in place concrete measures, because through this campaign we are tackling a major workplace problem, "says Jørn Eggum.

The goal of the campaign is to increase the knowledge of both employers and employees about what sexual harassment is, its consequences and which responsibilities and rights employer and employees have in this regard.

The Norwegian Labor Inspectorate and other experts have, in cooperation with LDO, prepared an electronic web portal with six important measures to prevent and deal with sexual harassment at the workplace. The web portal is on LDO's website. The Labor Inspectorate follows up about sexual harassment in all surveys in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Six important measures to prevent and deal with sexual harassment:

1. Identify risk 

Employers should in cooperation with the employees, map what risks are at their workplace and implement preventive measures

2. Rules of conduct 
Develop common rules for behavior in the workplace and inform all employees about these

3. Routines for handling 
Design clear policies how to report sexual harassment and how the incidents should be handled and inform all employees about these policies.

4. Violations must have consequences 
Violation of policies and guidelines should lead to reactions for those who harass (coworkers, guests, customers)

5. Clear leadership responsibility 
It must be clear who is responsible for preventing and dealing with sexual harassment complaints

6. Talk about sexual harassment 
Employers and employees should talk about sexual harassment and harassment at the workplace

The campaign is rooted in the tripartite program on nightlife, restaurants and bars, but the content and messages apply to all industries. Sexual harassment occurs throughout the workplace and the campaign is equally relevant to all industries.

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