What can I do as a hotel guest

#FairhousekeepingMost hotel guests know very little about the nature of hotel cleaning and the general public is not aware of how hard and dangerous housekeepers’ work can be.

Would you be able to clean your bathroom and bedroom in less than 20 minutes and then repeat it 20 times daily, five days a week.

Next time you stay in a hotel remember that hotel housekeepers do an extremely difficult job under serious time pressure and poor working conditions. If you as a hotel guest want to help improve their working condition take notice of the following suggestions:

  • Keep your hotel room clean and tidy, as it makes it easier for the housekeeper to do their job.
  • Put your used towels in the sink instead of throwing it on the floor.
  • Remove your luggage and other belongings from the bed when leaving the room.
  • If you don’t want your hotel room to be cleaned every day, put the “no disturbance” sign on the door.
  • When you leave remove the sheets and covers from your duvet and pillow.
  • Leave some form of gratitude or a note where you say thank you for good service
  • Choose hotels with collective agreements

Next time you book a hotel room ask if it has a collective agreement. On our webpage you can find information about hotels in the Nordic countries that have collective agreements. http://nu-hrct.dk/nyttige-informationer/spisesteder-med-overenskomst


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The Nordic Union for Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Tourism sector, is an association of unions in Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, all of which unionise workers of the HRCT industry. The member unions have all made collective agreements with employers organizations and companies in the NU HRCT.

All in all NU HRCT covers seven unions with a total of about 115,000 members.